7 Reasons Why You Must Write a Will

7 Reasons Why You Must Write a Will
May 2024
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7 Reasons Why You Must Write a Will

A Will is an important estate planning document that can help you achieve many of your estate planning goals. If you die intestate (without a Will), you will leave your estate at the mercy of law which will decide how your estate shall be distributed. Without a Will you risk your estate leaving to your next of kin.

Reasons Why You Must Write a Will

1 – You can decide how your estate will be distributed

Whether it’s a family home, household items or your savings, you should decide who receives them after you die. If you die as an intestate (without a Will), the intestacy rules will decide who receives your fortune. These rules might not meet your wishes and never include provisions for those not related to you, like close friends or your favourite charity.

2 – You can decide who will take care of your minor children

No one knows their children better than a parent and, if you pass away intestate, the State will decide who should care for them. You can appoint a trusted guardian for your children in your lifetime to ensure they are in safe and caring hands after your death.

3 – You can help obtain a Probate quickly

You can keep your loved ones away from lengthy and expensive legal fights over your estate with your relatives. It is often quicker, cheaper, and less stressful to administer an estate where there is a Will. If you die intestate, it would necessary for your estate to commission genealogical research to identify any lost or unknown relatives. That can be very expensive and time-consuming.

4 – You can choose someone to wind up the affairs of your estate

An executor plays the biggest role in the administration of your estate. In your Will you can appoint someone who is honest, trustworthy and organised to wind up the affairs of your estate. This person may or may not be a family member.

5- You can give to your favourite charity

You do not have to give all your estate to your relatives if you do not want to. Through your Will, you can give back to the community by allocating a share from your estate for your favourite charity. If you die intestate, your charity would not benefit from your wealth.

6 – You can protect your disabled loved ones

You might have a relative who suffers from a disability, mental illness or any other type of vulnerability. You can protect those vulnerable relatives in your Will by giving them your money and/or assets and, at the same time, by creating a protective trust. Under the protective trust, you can appoint a trust trustee who will manage your vulnerable relative’s inheritance in a way that is most appropriate for them. For instance, your appointed trustee can use the trust funds to purchase a home for your vulnerable relative to live in or pay for his/her medical or educational expenses.

7- You can protect your business

Could you leave your business or your shares in a business in your Will? The answer is yes. There are certain ways which allow you to deal with your business in your Will. For instance, you can transfer your shares in an organisation to a trust which can then distribute profits from the organisation’s business to your beneficiaries.

Nadeem Lawyers Will Writing Services

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